Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Message From The 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts


Hello Briargreen residents!

Unfortunately, the 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts have had to cancel many long-standing annual door-to-door neighborhood activities due to the COVID pandemic -- in particular the past spring bottle drive and the upcoming fall food drive.  To be safe, Scouts Canada has created a completely online fundraiser for this fall.  To be responsible, this fundraiser is based on organic and fair-trade products supplied by local and community-oriented Equator Coffee Roasters. 

Please consider supporting Briargreen Scouts by placing an order online at https://scoutcoffee.ca/ before November 22nd, and don't forget to choose "19th Nepean" when you checkout.  In place of the food drive, please consider making a donation of non-perishable food in the FAMSAC bin at the Greenbank Metro, or a monetary donation at http://famsac.ca/donate/ mentioning "19th Nepean" in the donation message.  Since the public health situation continues to evolve, expect an update regarding 19th Nepean's annual Nanaimo drop-in Christmas Tree sale and Briargreen door-to-door Christmas caroling by early December.

The Scouts hope that all residents are as healthy and happy as can be in the circumstances, and encourage everyone to stay well-informed and vigilant with hygiene, distancing, and masking. We'll get through this better with knowledge, perseverance, and cooperation!