Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Message From The 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts


Hello Briargreen residents!

Unfortunately, the 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts have had to cancel many long-standing annual door-to-door neighborhood activities due to the COVID pandemic -- in particular the past spring bottle drive and the upcoming fall food drive.  To be safe, Scouts Canada has created a completely online fundraiser for this fall.  To be responsible, this fundraiser is based on organic and fair-trade products supplied by local and community-oriented Equator Coffee Roasters. 

Please consider supporting Briargreen Scouts by placing an order online at https://scoutcoffee.ca/ before November 22nd, and don't forget to choose "19th Nepean" when you checkout.  In place of the food drive, please consider making a donation of non-perishable food in the FAMSAC bin at the Greenbank Metro, or a monetary donation at http://famsac.ca/donate/ mentioning "19th Nepean" in the donation message.  Since the public health situation continues to evolve, expect an update regarding 19th Nepean's annual Nanaimo drop-in Christmas Tree sale and Briargreen door-to-door Christmas caroling by early December.

The Scouts hope that all residents are as healthy and happy as can be in the circumstances, and encourage everyone to stay well-informed and vigilant with hygiene, distancing, and masking. We'll get through this better with knowledge, perseverance, and cooperation!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Briargreen Spooky Scavenger Hunt 2020!

Get out and join your neighbours in spotting all the frightening decorations hidden around Briargreen! Enter the addresses and have fun (some houses may show up twice)!

Find the list here!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Briargreen 'Kids' Run for Nature'

The following was organized by one of our wonderful Briargreen residents!

Sunday, October 18 at 11am in Briargreen Park!

You may have seen some of these posters up on mailboxes in Briargreen lately - My daughter has been wanting to do something to help the planet for a while and since the Kids' Run for Nature was canceled this year, we decided to do our own run all in Briargreen! We'd love you to join us! We put in a suggested route for a 2 km and a 5 km fun.
If a larger group shows up, we'd stagger the starts (this isn't a timed event) to make sure we're all still maintaining social distancing measures.
Note that we're not collecting money for the run, the idea is that people fundraise for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on their own and donate directly to WWF.
Hope to see you on Sunday, October 18 at 11am in Briargreen Park!