Sunday, April 7, 2019

19th Nepean Cubs & Scouts

Door-to-Door Bottle Drive
Wednesday evening, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 
Briargreen's 19th Nepean Cubs and Scouts will be doing their spring door-to-door bottle drive over the two upcoming dates:
  • Wednesday 10th April - the west side of the neighborhood (between Greenbank and Crofton) will be canvassed
  • Wednesday 17th April - the east side of the neighborhood (between Crofton and Centrepointe) will be canvassed
Donations either of cash or of empty refundable bottles and cans are accepted.  This is a fundraiser for 19th Nepean, and the revenue from refunds are fully and directly used for essential program expenses (like meeting and storage facilities, equipment purchase and repair, activity materials, training and education, subsidizing field trip and outing fees, and so on).
If you wish to make a donation but will not be home when Scouts canvass your section of the neighborhood, you may leave your donation on your porch for pickup.  If you want to be rid of your empties before then, call Scouter Charles at (613) 596-0382 to arrange an earlier pickup, or drop them on the porch at 31 Cedar Grove Ct.

Thanks again for your generous support!