Monday, February 9, 2015

Request: Canadian Tire money!

Please keep that Canadian Tire money coming! It's not too late to dig out those few bills you keep forgetting to use and donate them to the Briargreen Community Association. 

We need to buy supplies for Community Day and replace T-ball and Kid's soccer equipment. Please drop off whatever you have (it all adds up) to 1 Crofton Road or 14 Moorcroft Road.

Briargreen Skates!

Horse-drawn sleigh featuring Tiny and Prince!
Despite the frosty temperatures and biting wind the atmosphere around our local rink was very warm indeed for the annual Briargreen Family Skating Party on Sunday. We had a great turnout! The rink was in perfect shape thanks to Steve and Jill Porter and their crew who come out in snow and frigid temps to scrape and flood several times a week. And we are so fortunate to have such a large and beautiful park area for the sleigh ride. I think some lucky kids even got to "steer" the horses. Our local Pathfinders' group dropped by to sell yummy Beavertails. Theay are raising money for their trip to London, England next year. Stay tuned for other creative fundraisers from this group - they are highly motivated.

It was great to meet new neighbours and see so many young Briargeen residents. There is certainly something very Canadian about learning to skate on your local outdoor rink, eh? Even our local counsellor, Rick Chiarelli came by to say hello.

Many thanks to the Tim Horton's at Greenbank Hunt Club Centre for donating coffee, hot chocolate and Timbits. They were very much appreciated by all.

Huge thanks also to Mike and Deb McCartney for donating a wad of Canadian Tire money plus a cheque (wow) towards the Skating Party. We purchased an awesome drinks dispenser to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for our community events.