Friday, January 15, 2021

COVID 19 and Skating in Briargreen

Skaters of Briargreen - We please ask that you adhere to the city guidelines for skating on public rinks.

Friday, December 11, 2020

19th Nepean Annual Christmas Tree Sale

 Looking for a Christmas tree? Check that item off your list and come support your local Scouts!

Briargreen’s Scavenger Hunt

Wow Briargreen, thanks for your overwhelming response to our call for submissions! 

Now it's your turn to get outside and have some fun searching for all our wonderful decorations. Check off the items as you find them and if you want enter the addresses. See if you can find them all!

Just like for Halloween, participants will search for the items on the list and can submit their form if they like but the goal is to get outside and have fun. The full Scavenger Hunt list will also be posted on our private Briargreen Ottawa Facebook group!

Monday, November 30, 2020

Briargreen Holiday Events 2020!

Santa Parade

Sunday 6th December - 3PM
Ho ho ho! 🎅 Santa is coming to Briargreen! Starting at 3pm on Sunday, December 6th you can catch Santa making the tour of Briargreen. Check out the parade route to find out where to catch a glimpse of the big guy!
Stay tuned for more holiday and winter activities!

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Following on the fun and success of Briargreen’s 2020 Hallowe’en scavenger hunt, a holiday hunt is planned to get everyone outside searching for decorations. If you’re decorating this year and want to be part of the hunt, please check your email for the "Santa Parade and Holiday Scavenger Hunt" Briarvine email or check out the Briargreen Ottawa Facebook group for the details. Deadline is Monday, December 7th to get your house included!

All information will be kept confidential. Just like for Hallowe’en, participants will search for the items on the list and can submit their form if they like but the goal is to get outside and have fun. Keep your eyes open next week for the full Scavenger Hunt list that we'll be emailing out and posting on private Briargreen Ottawa Facebook group!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

A Message From The 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts


Hello Briargreen residents!

Unfortunately, the 19th Nepean Briargreen Scouts have had to cancel many long-standing annual door-to-door neighborhood activities due to the COVID pandemic -- in particular the past spring bottle drive and the upcoming fall food drive.  To be safe, Scouts Canada has created a completely online fundraiser for this fall.  To be responsible, this fundraiser is based on organic and fair-trade products supplied by local and community-oriented Equator Coffee Roasters. 

Please consider supporting Briargreen Scouts by placing an order online at before November 22nd, and don't forget to choose "19th Nepean" when you checkout.  In place of the food drive, please consider making a donation of non-perishable food in the FAMSAC bin at the Greenbank Metro, or a monetary donation at mentioning "19th Nepean" in the donation message.  Since the public health situation continues to evolve, expect an update regarding 19th Nepean's annual Nanaimo drop-in Christmas Tree sale and Briargreen door-to-door Christmas caroling by early December.

The Scouts hope that all residents are as healthy and happy as can be in the circumstances, and encourage everyone to stay well-informed and vigilant with hygiene, distancing, and masking. We'll get through this better with knowledge, perseverance, and cooperation!