Saturday, December 12, 2015

Girl Guides: Briargreen Gift, Trade or Sell on Facebook

In an effort to lend a hand and build community, our local Briargreen Girl Guides have set up a Facebook page for residents to gift, trade or sell items or services. By joining this group you agree to give freely, trade and sell wisely and share creatively. You are encouraged to post anything you'd like to give away, lend, trade, sell or share among neighbours. Ask for anything you'd like to receive for free, borrow, trade or sell.

This is a closed page and only open to residents of Briargreen. To join this group, please click on the link to join the group now

If you haven't been approved, it's because we can't see enough of your profile here to verify that you're a real person living in the neighbourhood, or we've messaged you and it's gone to your other folder Send us a message if this happens to you and we'll sort it out.

If you have questions, please contact local volunteer Connie Stevens via Facebook private message.

Help us in our mission is to build our Briargreen community while reducing landfills.