Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Briargreen Park Playground Equipment Replacement

We have been striving to have the aging and partially decommissioned play equipment at Briargreen Park replaced. Originally, we had understood this would occur in 2015-2016. Here is the latest information on the matter from City staff, as relayed to us from Councillor Rick Chiarelli's office:

As you may know that we have planned Playstructure replacements in all wards to be implemented between 2016 and 2018 (i.e. this term of Council). So, each year we will prepare the design for certain parks and construct (replace) in the year after.

We continue validating our park assets all year round so our inventory data system is dynamic and depends on competing priorities among all parks in the 23 wards. Fund availability is another factor that impacts the selection of events for design and replacement. For example, among many parks, we have the need to validate the Playstructure at Briargreen park, which is currently showing 2017. As soon as we complete the validation, we will have a better picture of the condition. Based on the factors mentioned above, we will plan to fund the highest priority thus would have to postpone some of these events beyond the term of this council.

This being said, Councillor Chiarelli has advocated to put more money into the budget for Park Renewals. The following link is an article written during the last budget cycle in regards to this